10 Superheroes Who Cause More Collateral Damage Than The Avengers

The Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers are the first and last line of defense against a number of world-ending threats and have a debt the world can never pay. While their skill is beyond doubt, their means are sometimes questioned as they cause almost as much damage as the villains they fight.

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While it’s undeniable that collateral damage is a problem the Avengers struggle to deal with, it’s by no means unique to them. A number of other superhero movies show that heroes, whether they’re from the MCU or not, have a problem with collateral damage. Some superheroes even cause more collateral damage than the Avengers.

ten The Incredibles and other supers cause destruction

Collateral damage is the very premise of The Incredibles, which takes place in a world where motorized superheroes are banned. Laws banning them are in place due to several high-profile incidents with the “Supers” causing destruction whenever they are involved. It’s not just about the backstory, though, as there’s frequent havoc in both films resulting from the fights.

This is largely caused by Mr. Incredible, whose super strength power gives him few subtle or tricky ways to solve a problem. This becomes a plot point in Incredibles 2 when Elastigirl is chosen as the face of the Deavors’ new initiative to avoid the collateral damage associated with it.

9 Hancock is hated by the public

Until he engages in an unusual cosmic romance, the film Hancock acts as a sort of deconstruction of the superhero genre. Its titular main character is a superhero with the standard powers of flight, strength, and invulnerability, and almost no idea how to use them safely.

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Almost every time Hancock does something heroic, he causes massive damage, including derailing a train to save a man. Hancock follows the logical results, showing that the people of Los Angeles hate and fear Hancock due to the destruction, despite the good he does.

8 Disaster Seems to Follow the X-Men

The titular team x-men the films, despite the negative reception they have for being mutants, have repeatedly shown themselves to be saviors of humanity. They do a lot of good, and a lot of people in their world owe their lives to the X-Men.

However, damage caused by the team, usually by accident, does not help the mutants’ bad reputation. Many of their high-stakes adventures see massive damage, whether it’s the White House and Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, the destruction of the Lake Akali Dam, or massive casualties when Xavier’s powers fail in the backstory of Logan.

seven Wonder Woman causes serious damage when she goes on a rampage in Justice League

When Diana Prince first came out as a superhero in wonder woman, she is fighting as part of a global war, which has little potential for collateral damage. Her later appearances, however, show her as a more destructive force, especially when she stops holding herself back in a fight.

In Justice LeagueThe opening scene alone, she blows up a bank wall by snapping her gauntlets together, all to defeat an opponent. Throughout the film, she takes part in several other devastating team fights. While Diana can avoid collateral damage, she can also cause a lot of it when she chooses.

6 Sif and the Warriors Three have a destructive streak in Thor

Some of Thor’s most loyal companions and dearest friends in his past are the Warriors Three and Lady Sif. The four have stuck with Thor through thick and thin and make their own superheroes when he’s up to something else. However, whenever the public sees them, there’s usually a lot of damage.

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They practically destroyed a town in New Mexico in Thor while trying to stop the Destroyer, and their battles in Thor: The Dark World are not much smoother. Sif claims to be in control of the situation in Vanarhaim, but, as Thor points out, much of it appears to be on fire.

5 The Watchmen Finally Accept Huge Collateral Damage At Watchmen

The lines of morality are blurred in watchmen, a film that deliberately challenges parts of the superhero genre. Some members of the titular team are limited in what they do, others cite a high level of violence and damage for the greater good, and some, like the comedian, just don’t care.

However, at the end of watchmen, the team is responsible for a lot of collateral damage. As his hero credentials are questioned, Ozymandias kills millions of people around the world as part of his plan to avert nuclear war. The rest of the team – bar Rorschach – is ready to accept it, despite their personal horror. They cause far more damage than the Avengers.

4 Venom is not a peaceful, restrained hero in Let There Be Carnage

Despite his disturbing appearance and unusual morals, the main character of Venom is basically a hero. Although he fights to protect people and settle scores with villains, wherever Venom goes there is destruction – even if he doesn’t fight.

As seen in let there be carnage, Venom can do an awful lot of property damage just by walking through town. When fighting, he tends to have a lax view of destruction and environmental damage as long as he wins.

3 Megamind and tighten waste in Metro City in Megamind

The film Megamind deliberately subverts the superhero genre. It follows a self-proclaimed villain as he attempts to create a new superhero to challenge him. By the end of the film, Megamind is revealed to be far more heroic than he realizes, while the new “hero”, Tighten, is shown to be a distinctly villainous character.

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Between Megamind and Tighten, they inflicted a massive amount of damage on Metro City. After Megamind’s previous antics, Tighten’s crime spree, and the final battle between the two, much of the city was left in ruins. However, people are willing to ignore this and cheer on Megamind in the end.

2 Superman fights not to break things

As shown on the Steel man, batman versus supermanand Justice League, Superman is on a fundamentally different level than most living beings and anything else on Earth. A super strong and invulnerable hero with other destructive abilities like laser vision and frost breath, Superman is easily equipped to destroy things like his gentle nature.

When forced out, Superman tends to leave rubble in his wake. This is best shown in his fight with Zod in Steel man, which destroys a large part of Metropolis and causes many to view it as a threat. Although many of his other fights are on a smaller scale, they still show him more than capable of smashing almost everything around him when fighting.

1 Illuminati Strange wiped out an entire universe in the Multiverse of Madness

When Stephen Strange appears before the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s like a prisoner. The Illuminati fear him due to the actions of other versions of himself, which have caused the greatest amount of collateral damage imaginable.

In their universe, their Strange – more associated with the Illuminati than the Avengers – leaned into other universes in an attempt to defeat Thanos, causing an Incursion that destroyed an entire universe. The film also shows that other versions of Strange are able and willing to cause similar damage.