A merchant locks up the family of a deceased debtor

NANDYAL: A widow and her in-laws have been rescued from their home by police after a shopkeeper locked them in for repayment of dues owed to him by the woman’s husband. This harrowing incident took place at Kovelakuntla in Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday night.

According to reports, the woman’s husband, Bogarapu Chandrasekhar, made a living by running a small grocery store outside the local panchayat office in Kovelakuntla. He had bought goods for the shop from a merchant named Radhakrishna, who was a wholesaler in the village.

Sadly, Chandrasekhar died of a stroke two months ago, leaving the family stranded after losing the sole breadwinner.

The trader was pressuring the family members over the past few days to repay the amount taken by Chandrasekhar. The deceased had apparently taken sixty thousand rupees worth of goods for the store and died without having repaid the duty.

Family members who had not yet come to terms with his death were unable to repay the money. Meanwhile, the trader came to their house on Saturday and argued with them demanding that they pay the debt amount. He then confined the late Geetavani’s wife, in-laws Subbaratnamma and Ramasubbaiah to their own house and locked the door.

Neighbors called the police who came to free the unfortunate family members from the confinement of their own home and took the shopkeeper into custody. Later, they released the merchant by settling the problem amicably between him and the debtor’s family.

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