Canada’s first Certified Debtor Advocates have completed their training and are ready to serve Canadians in financial difficulty

The Canadian Debtors Association raises the bar of expertise available to help those in debt

HAMILTON, ON, January 11, 2022 /CNW/ – The Canadian Debtors Association is pleased to announce the first Certified Debtor Advocates who have met the required skill set who demonstrate essential skills and expertise as uniquely qualified, highly competent and respectful professionals ethical principles. Robert Glen of Windsor, Ont., Scott Patton of Kitchener, Ont. and Ranjan Khera of Edmonton, AB are ready to help people struggling with debt, navigate from Canada the industry out of insolvency and get on the road to recovery.

The The Certified Debtor Advocate designation formally recognizes a profession that places the needs of the debtor first and above all other parties in the process of debt repayment and/or personal insolvency. Certified Debtor’s Lawyers are the recognized experts who debtors can rest assured are working only on their behalf, to help them. “The certification reinforces the belief of the Debtors Association of Canada that debtors deserve and should have their own exclusive attorney who works only for them,” said the President and CEO of the Debtors Association of Canada. Henrietta Ross.

The Certified Debtor Advocate designation program includes five distinct study streams: Ethics and Values; servant leadership; Behavioral financial coaching; Anatomy of the debt system and basic principles of advocacy. The Certified debtor lawyer the professional title is awarded after the five aspects of the required training have been successfully completed. Certified Debtor Advocates support the Debtor’s Bill of Rights, a framework established by CDA to improve standards of treatment and compliance with debtors in Canada and certify compliance with the Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct of the Debtors Association of Canada. After obtaining the title, continuous training is necessary to keep it.

“The Debtors Association of Canada sees a future where debtors’ rights, backed by a strong debtor advocacy profession, are universally accepted and widely embraced by all facets of the credit, debt and debt industry. insolvency,” Ross said. “We are convinced that the Certified debtors’ attorneys will soon become the recognized experts that debtors can unconditionally call upon to help them.”

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About the Canadian Debtors Association

Debtors Association of Canada (ADC) is a national non-profit organization committed to creating a better experience for debtors, especially for financially vulnerable individuals and families. CDA’s transformational vision includes introducing better structures, better supports and the care needed for debtors to successfully recover from financial crisis and insolvency. For more information, visit

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