Antwerp, Belgium and GREENWICH, Conn. and Buenos Aires, Argentina and Bogotá – Colombia, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clave, one of the leading digital lending and consumer fintech platforms in Latin Americaand Credix, the decentralized credit ecosystem that enables borrowers in emerging countries to access previously untapped capital, announce a partnership to create, issue and tokenize $150,000,000 debt in 2023.


Clave issues loans through B2B partners and consumers through its digital lending platform, Clave DLP and its ClaveApp. Clave operates in Colombia and Argentina today, with near-term expansion plans for Mexico and an intention to come from at least $500,000,000 credit in 2023, through various strategies including government payday loans, factoring and consumer credit. Earlier this year, Clave raised over $7 million in a starting lap. Clave is led by a seasoned management team, with decades of collective experience in finance and technology.

Founded in 2021, Credix enables fintech companies and other non-bank lenders to convert their receivables and real assets into investment capital. All funding happens on-chain using USDC and smart contracts, creating instant efficiencies, settlement, and more transparency. Recently raised credix $11.25 million in a Series A led by Motive Partners & ParaFi Capital, with participation from Valor Capital, MGG Bayhawk Fund, Victory Park Capital, Circle Ventures, Fuse Capital and Abra.

“Over the next decade, debt capital markets will be on-chain and democratized,” said Thomas Bohner, co-founder and CEO of Credix. “Credix leads the way. Our partnership with Clave will further Credix’s mission of connecting institutional investors around the world with attractive, risk-adjusted credit opportunities.”

Clave Co-founder and CEO Pablo Pizzimono adds, “Clave believes a new financial ecosystem will connect traditional finance with emerging products based on digital technologies. Thanks to our talent, our business partners and our investors, Clave plays a central role in these developments in Latin America. Our partnership enables Credix and Clave to deliver tomorrow’s innovation today.”

The partnership also advances a shared commitment to financial inclusion and social responsibility. The extensive reach of Clave’s digital origination infrastructure and large user base, along with Credix’s decentralized distribution platform, will provide capital to dozens of businesses and individuals previously overlooked by the financial markets. Credix and Clave welcome these new participants for a new credit experience in Latin America; we look forward to helping you grow and thank you in advance for your partnership.

About Credix

Credix is ​​reinventing how global debt capital markets work by merging the sophistication of traditional capital markets with the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology. Credix improves the landscape for asset originators and investors, driving the growth of decentralized finance. The market provides lines of credit to high quality borrowers with an attractive yield for investors worldwide. For more information, visit

About Clave

Clave digitizes loan origination by Latin America, unleashing the power of new technologies to expand access to capital for businesses and consumers, while redefining financial inclusion. The Clave ecosystem includes Clave DLP (digital lending platform) and ClaveApp, a digital wallet that provides simple and secure solutions for traditional financial services including credit, payments, transfers and blockchain-based products . For more information, visit

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