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DALLAS, Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After nearly a decade of research and development, CTrust introduces the first-of-its-kind commercial cannabis credit score – Cannabis Trust Score (CTS) – provide a sophisticated, comprehensive and tested formula for assessing investment risk and managing exposure in the rapidly maturing industry.

CTrust Evaluation, scoring and follow-up (ESM) increases operational and financial transparency for cannabis companies seeking better and more cost-effective access to needed growth capital, while providing investors and lenders with a quantifiable, verifiable, and systematic process to navigate capital deployment in the space.

“What I call Investing in Cannabis 4.0 hasn’t been kind to companies or investors over the past two years, with very limited capital available only to a select few and at extremely high costs,” said Giadha A. DeCarcer, founding member and CEO of CTrust . “CTrust Lays the Groundwork for a Cannabis Investing Reset , whereby improved business transparency and reduced investment risk allow creditors to efficiently price capital and better manage exposure, which together form the basis of a more balanced and mature.

CTrust brings together a trio of leaders who are particularly qualified to accomplish its mission:

  • Giadha A. DeCarcer, founding member and CEO of CTrust: A seasoned technology innovator, passionate strategist, and successful serial entrepreneur who most recently founded and led New Frontier Data (2014-2021), adds extensive experience and leadership in financial technology and cannabis at the CTrust team.
  • Robert Hoban, Founding Member and President of CTrust: Longtime cannabis industry veteran and visionary, senior executive, board member and attorney, Hoban co-founded Clark’s Cannabis Industry Practice Group Hill Law and was instrumental in structuring and drafting cannabis regulations in the United States, as well as in Latin America and Europe.
  • Dotan Y. Melech, founding member and COO of CTrust: A former federal bankruptcy trustee and cannabis receivership pioneer with a background in valuing and managing distressed assets, Melech led the most largest receivership in the history of the cannabis industry and is committed to creating better alternatives for cannabis companies and creditors.

“Federal prohibition is wreaking havoc on cannabis businesses that could thrive in other industries but are doomed to an untimely death because Chapter 11 and other federal resources are unavailable,” Melech said. “Today, cannabis businesses and investors are facing asset liquidation and complete entity dissolution via receiverships at unprecedented rates. In my years as a catcher, I’ve never seen anything like it.

CTrust’s bundled solution supports cannabis businesses, investors, and creditors in multiple ways. His MY The services consist of a holistic process that audits all aspects of business operational and financial performance, assesses business creditworthiness like FICO scores do for consumers, and provides a roadmap for improvement. and better access to capital. Following the ESM process, CTrust TrustServices provide the tools and systems necessary for an operational and/or financial restructuring, as well as a viable liquidation effort if necessary.

“CTrust reduces the chaos of federal prohibition for cannabis companies, investors and creditors and has already saved cannabis companies from receivership,” Hoban said. “We built this organization to bring trust back to the cannabis space.”

Currently self-funded, CTrust plans to open an initial investment round of $12 million, pending the results of its ongoing CTrust credit rating study. Funds raised will fuel CTrust’s national and global reach as the sole credit rating agency for cannabis businesses and facilitate the integration of operations and systems of the organizations that come together to form CTrust.

Attend a webinar to learn more:

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, CTrust will lead an open conversation between lenders, regulators, operators and other legal and financial experts to explore the causes, impact and remedies related to the critical need for capital in the industry today. today. Q&A will be open to all attendees to interact with experts Bob Hoban, Partner at Clark Hill; Dr. Amanda Reiman, Knowledge Director at New border data; Steven Ernest, Vice President of Chicago Atlantic; David Staley, Division Manager – Investigations at Nevada Cannabis Compliance Council; and Sheri Orlowitz, Chair of the Board Federal Cannabis Regulatory Council. Register to attend this free webinar on CTrust.io.

About CTrus:

CTrust tools and solutions increase the operational and financial transparency of cannabis businesses to reduce investment risk, help cannabis businesses gain better access to capital, and allow investors and creditors to fix more efficiently the price of capital and manage market exposure. CTrust’s proprietary formula and rigorous approach to risk assessment, scoring and monitoring facilitate fairer business, investment and debt financing opportunities for founders, shareholders and creditors, enabling more cannabis businesses to thrive in their communities. For more information, visit https://CTrust.io.

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