Debtor asks court to ‘stop dragging its feet’

A Redemption Sharpes man is asking Kingstown Magistrates Court to get their act together and stop dragging their feet with a case he has in court.

Tealon Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT he was frustrated by the delays in the civil case over an unpaid debt of EC$6,500 allegedly owed to him by a local business.

The debt in question arises from a secured loan in the name of Glasgow to manage a security project owned by the defendant.

The defendant’s company is accused of defaulting on the arrangement, leaving Glasgow with the responsibility of paying the money out of its own pocket and it has gone to court to try and get the money from the defendant.

Glasgow said since the case was first heard on April 21, 2022, the case has been adjourned a total of five times, with the most recent being November 3, 2022.

Every time he’s told to go back to court, Glasgow says he’s given yet another reason why the case can’t be heard.

“In April they say they couldn’t serve a summons. In June I am told that the Judge is ill. They tell me to come back in July, the court is on break. In September we say the judge on leave. And now they say it’s a problem.

Glasgow said every day he had to take time off work to attend court, he was not being paid.

“I’m trying to explain this to the young woman [in court]. It’s not like every time I miss work, I get paid. The company I work for, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

Glasgow said he was tired of being knocked out of court and the delays were costing him extra interest on the loan.

“Courts [Ltd.] keep calling me. Currently they tell me that since they haven’t done business with him [defendant] they don’t have a problem with him, they have a problem with me. They tell me if the money [loan] reaches up to $8,000, they will sue me.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that a subpoena has been served on the defendant and the case will return to court on January 5, 2023.