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Credit Card as a Service: 5 Questions with Deserve CEO Kalpesh Kalpadia

Software as a service is extrapolating into various areas of finance, with general financial products and services now being transformed into simple code that can be integrated into any existing digital service.

This essentially allows any business, regardless of industry, to include financial services in their overall offering. Debit cards and accounts were among the first to be introduced, but other financial products are quickly following suit.

In ready as a serviceconsumer credit services took the lead, removing the need for middlemen such as loan brokers or banks, and allowing service providers to separate themselves from the distribution process and focus solely on code.

But white-label business loans are also flourishing, aimed at helping businesses serve other businesses by giving them easy access to capital.

The latest to come on the market with such a solution is Deservewho has just launched Commercial credit card platform, designed to create credit and charge cards for business customers of any business. This is available either as white label or by fully integrating into partners’ digital capabilities via APIs and SDKs.

The platform allows custom reward programs to be added to credit cards and also provides enterprise-level controls, making it easy for CFOs to track, manage, and understand spending. And thanks to the power of technology, cards can be issued instantly and added to digital wallets, ready to use in minutes.

We spoke to Deserve about this new product – here are five questions with fintech co-founder and CEO Kalpesh Kalpadia.

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