“Don’t harass us! Debt collectors given a cold shower by a ‘debtor’ with a garden hose, Singapore News

When debt collectors showed up at her front door, one woman decided to pour cold water on the problem – literally.

Two debt collectors were soaked after a woman sprayed water on them from the front door of her home.

The incident was captured on video and posted on the Facebook page of debt collection company AG Adler on December 17.

His caption, alleging the woman in the video is a debtor, read: “Wow now debtors owe money dun pay n date many models…but this will teach us to be even tougher and wiser tq. “

In the video, the woman is seen talking to two men who appear to be debt collectors outside her house.

Moments later, she returns to her front yard and picks up a garden hose.

At this point, the person recording the video can be heard saying in Mandarin, “She’s gonna spray water, ah! Let her spray, let her spray!”

The woman then directs the hose towards the debt collectors and duly sprays water on them.

One of the debt collectors walks up to her and says, “If you spray, we’ll call the police, don’t harass us!”

You can watch the full video here:

A separate Facebook post by AG Adler later showed two police officers outside the woman’s house.

This article was first published in The new paper. Permission required for reproduction.