Drama as debtor gives man condition before he can repay 750,000 naira he borrowed since 2021, Nigerians react

  • A Nigerian, Olaseni Odukoya, came online to call someone he borrowed N750,000 since 2021 and refused to pay it all back
  • The debtor only repaid N300,000 of the sum borrowed, asking Olaseni to write a letter for a monthly repayment of N90,000
  • Many Nigerians who reacted to Olaseni’s message called on him to treat the debtor in such a way as to defeat him

A Nigerian, Olaseni Odukoyaon Thursday, March 31, took to Twitter to reveal the challenges he faced in recovering the N750,000 he lent.

In the post, Olaseni revealed that he gave the person the money in June 2021. Despite promising to repay within a month, he went back on their agreement and did not only able to repay 300,000 naira after three months.

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The Nigerians said the debtor took it for granted.
The debtor asks the borrower to write a letter before they can pay it back. image source: @senibobo
Source: Twitter

Recover money from an ungrateful debtor

At the time of writing, Olaseni said he has still not paid the remaining N450,000. On Thursday, March 31, in a provocative tone, he asked the man to write a letter of agreement on the money so that he could be repaid monthly.

The ungrateful debtor said the letter would allow him to repay 90,000 Naira on a monthly basis. When Olaseni told him to write the letter himself, he replied:

“If you’re ready for your money collection, let me know then. I’m not ready to talk too much.

See his message with screenshots of their conversation below:

Don’t lend what you can’t lose

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

@Sheggz01 said:

“Don’t borrow money from people that you can’t afford to have them lose. Most of the time, it never ends well.”

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@Morris_Monye said:

“Anyone who disrespects me, I won’t even waste time but call the authorities about them.”

@chuvanze said:

“Yes, debt is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Hard to get anything by involving law enforcement officers, especially when it’s a personal transaction, I hear. “

@tellmarhh said:

“Imagine. E never sleeps for the cell?”

@iOhJay said:

“Police business is too dragging. This one at street level will just pass!”

@Echi_di_ime said:

“Just writing the letter if that’s what will get you paid…That’s why I don’t borrow money from people anymore.”

@Alondra_8896 said:

“Omo! It’s a small person of 20,000 euros who owes me a complaint since last week.”

@Irunnia_ said:

“I gave someone 350,000 and after a while he stopped answering my calls. I looked for him everywhere. I even went to his house individually. His family said he had gone mad and gone. They couldn’t find him anymore. But he updated whatsapp status. Have you ever seen mad man wey sabi using whatsapp?”

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Lady calls her ex-boyfriend to be indebted to him

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported earlier that a Nigerian woman sparked a debate on social media after reporting her boyfriend for marrying another woman.

The lady at the hilt @fine_stefany1 shared a photo of the man with his new wife on Twitter as she revealed they had been together for almost 2 years.

She revealed that the man stopped taking calls or answering texts two weeks before his wedding, even after borrowing 400,000 naira, which she would find out for the expenses of the occasion.

Source: Legit.ng