Get pre-approved now without hurting your credit score

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Getting pre-approved doesn’t have to hurt your credit score.

Key points

  • Applying for a credit card can impact your credit score.
  • American Express has announced a new pilot program where applicants can find out if they are approved without affecting their credit scores.

Applying for a credit card can be a stressful experience. You fill out the application, submit it, and then wait to see if you’re approved. And during that time, your credit score goes down a bit. But what if there was a way to find out if you’re pre-approved for a credit card before you even apply? With American Express, it is now possible!

American Express announces pilot program

American Express today announced that it is piloting a new program where selected applicants can find out if they are approved without impacting their credit score. If the applicant is approved and chooses to accept the credit card, their credit rating may be affected.

According to Sara Milsten, executive vice president of consumer marketing for American Express, “With our new app experience, potential card members can apply for a specific card — and find out if it’s approved — without having to worry about whether their application will change their credit score until they accept the card.We hope this new, more seamless application experience will encourage anyone interested in American Express membership to apply.

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How the American Express Pilot Program Works

Currently, only certain personal cards are part of the program. It is available to individuals who request it at or by calling American Express. It is not available if you are requesting a new card in an existing American Express account.

Once you have chosen a card and submitted an application, American Express will perform an indirect credit inquiry. It doesn’t affect your credit score, unlike a serious investigation.

What this new program means for you

Applicants will be informed with 100% certainty if they are approved for the credit card before they have to accept it. If they decide to do so, a thorough investigation will be conducted. American Express’ new pilot program is a great way to apply for a credit card without affecting your credit score.

Although this new pilot program is only available through its website or by phone, American Express will expand the program through its co-branded partner websites in the future. Eventually, it will also be available to existing cardholders applying for a new American Express personal credit card.

If you’re considering applying for an American Express personal credit card, now there’s a way to check if you’re approved without taking a hit on your credit score. American Express is one of the largest credit card companies, so by launching this program, other credit card companies may decide to follow suit. Checking if you’re approved before accepting a credit card is a great way to get peace of mind before your credit score takes a hit.

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