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Case 1: Jonathan Dorato

Tatyanna Lopez, 19, was in her prime and preparing to start the next chapter. She was expecting a child and was delighted to become a mother. It all ended tragically in 2021 when she was killed.

On April 18, 2021, a shooting took place in Merced, California. Detective John Pinnegar recalls receiving the call and going to the scene with other officers. Sargent Kalvin Haygood remembers what the shooting was like at a party. There were nine to ten fired through a fence, and it was determined to have been done with a 9mm.

Tatyanna was found in the garden, shot numerous times. Her boyfriend was also shot several times. Sadly, Tatyanna died from her injuries, but her boyfriend survived.

At the time, Tatyanna was nine months pregnant.

The police surveyed the area, talking to neighbors and trying to figure out what had happened. It was reported that a car was heard driving away and the shooting happened outside the property. Neighbors also remember seeing someone running from the scene. It was unclear whether Tatyanna was the intended victim.

Tatyanna’s grandmother, Anna Navarro, recalls that on the night of the murder she was arranging for Tatyanna’s baby shower and received the phone call that Tatyanna had left.

Tatyanna’s mother Victoria also remembers getting the call and how she first thought the late night call was going to be that she was about to have the baby.

Tatyanna is remembered as a cheerful and ambitious woman who planned to become a nurse. She started dating a man called Damien (not his real name) and got pregnant. Despite the fact that they were no longer together, Tatyanna’s family helped bring him home. The authorities wanted to question him, but due to his injuries (which include his paralysis), they cannot.

A security camera in a nearby alley shows a man running, giving police an idea of ​​who the killer might be. The runner is identified as a man named Enrique, who was friends with Damien and was hosting the party.

The police hope for answers, so once they are able, they question Damien, who refuses to cooperate. A search begins for Enrique, who is found and taken into custody five days after the shooting. However, he has a lawyer, so they can’t do any questioning.

The police are able to determine that Enrique and Damien were part of a gang, sending the investigation in a whole new direction… but no leads.

Tatyanna’s family are shocked to learn that Damien was involved in a gang, but Tatyanna’s sister, Yesenia Jaurigue, was not surprised by the way he dressed and acted. Anna also remembers warning Damien that it was better not to let anything happen to Tatyanna.

Three weeks later, the police receive unexpected information. They learn that there was an altercation between Damien and Jonathan Dorato the day before the murder. Jonathan is in a rival gang and that gives the police something to say about who might have shot.

Anna remembers Tatyanna’s funeral, where she was buried with her baby. She says she feels empty ever since.

Victoria recalls the gender reveal party weeks before, where they found out Tatyanna had a daughter. She also remembers Damien not showing up, upsetting Tatyanna, who wanted to have him in the baby’s life.

The focus now shifts to Jonathan, who was already on police radar for other crimes. Sergeant Jesus Parras recalls arresting Jonathan for vandalism in 2019 and how he refused to admit it was gang related. The police want to arrest him for the murder, but have no proof…until May, when the tipster calls back with proof that Jonathan was involved.

It gives the location of the weapon….in the engine compartment of a vehicle located in the Modesto area. The gun is found and before long the gun is connected to the shot.

Authorities obtain Jonathan’s phone records, which link him to where the shooting took place. They think Jonathan just started shooting, not knowing or caring who else was in the area.

Tatyanna’s family have made Wanted posters to help find Jonathan and bring him to justice, while the Federal Marshals do their own search. They know he has family all over the state of California and have a warrant for his arrest.

Tatyanna’s family planted a memorial garden in honor of her and her baby on the anniversary of the murder.

Jonathan has not been seen since the murders. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. He might have a thin mustache or be clean shaven and has tattoos on his arms, including LB for Los Banos on his right arm and ES for East Side on his left arm. Jonathan is considered armed and dangerous.

15 seconds of shame:

Samuel Cross is wanted for a triple homicide outside a Bronx restaurant in New York in 2018. He was seen fleeing the scene via surveillance video.

Missing child 1:

Victoria Gonzalez, 14, was last seen leaving college on September 17, 2021 in Miramar, Florida. Authorities believe this is a runaway case, and although she believes she was still in Florida, believe she may be anywhere at this point. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 260 pounds.

Case 2: Henry Houston

In January 2020, Frank and Carol Terlip were trying to save their daughter from her abusive boyfriend in Lakeway, Texas. In the end, Frank was murdered and the killer on the run.

Carol remembers Frank as a family man who was very caring and protective of their daughter Kristen, who suffered from mixed bipolar disorder. Brian, who is Kristen’s brother, also admits he was very protective.

Carol says that a few days before her murder, Frank called Kristen to find out if she wanted to come over for dinner. She said she had dinner already planned. Frank and Carol called the next day, but Kristen didn’t answer. They continue to try to get in touch, but they fail and find that the phone has been cut off.

Frank and Carol go to investigate and find Kristen missing, but that her medication is still there. It is very dangerous because she has to take them daily.

Carol says they were able to locate Kristen, thanks to an alert saying she opened a new bank account. Since Carol and Brian are in charge of her finances, this raised a red flag. Carol and Frank call the bank and they confirm that not only did Kristen open a bank account, but that she was there with a man named Robert Alexander, and that she seemed to be there against her will.

A credit card charge showed Kristen at a resort in Lakeway, Texas, so they alerted the police to perform a wellness check. Kristen refused to leave with the police and wanted to stay with the man she was with….Henry Houtson, aka Robert Alexander.

Carol and Frank traveled to Lakeway to find Kristen, who runs away when she sees her parents. This leads to Frank being held in a chokehold by Henry and Carol calling Brian for help. By the time Brian arrives, Frank is dead.

Detective Wendy Kanzenbach recalls walking into the crime scene and seeing Frank on the ground. CPR was performed on him, but it couldn’t save him. Henry was detained, but he was very agitated. He claimed at the time that he was attacked and beaten by Frank and acted in self-defense. However, further investigation proves that this was not possible.

An investigation begins on Henry, which shows that he was claiming to work as a software engineer. He also had several pseudonyms.

Henry claimed he was a mentor to Kristen and helped her separate her belongings from her family, but in reality, he was just stealing from her.

Henry was arrested, but released from prison three months later on bail due to overcrowding. He never showed up for his court appointment and has not been seen since. He is described as a con artist and extremely dangerous.

Kristen took a long time to figure out what happened. She remembers meeting Henry while picking up clothes for her father. They then went to a cafe and planned to hook up. She admits that she was not mentally well at the time and missed many signs that made this game a dangerous one. She thinks he exaggerated her vulnerabilities and took complete control of her life in order to separate her from her family. He convinced her to sell her house and often took money from her.

Kristen recalls the day her father died, she and Henry were trying to get on a plane. She remembers her mother running towards her and Henry telling her to call the police. By then she hasn’t seen anything else and is devastated that her father is gone.

She warns any woman who crosses her path to call the police.

Three months after the murder, Henry struck again. Sargent Kerry Scanlon says another woman named Maria claimed she was defrauded by Henry into insisting they go into business together. However, he disappeared with the money she put into the case.

Henry has been on the run since the fall of 2020. He is 5-foot-11 and weighs 180 pounds, has green eyes and gray hair with a receding hairline. It is likely that he will make his way across the country. He was last seen in the Miami Beach area and has family in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Police say he looks for victims in cafes, cafes and frequents homeless shelters. Aliases include Henry or Hank Houston, Robert Alexander, Robert Kim and David Wright. It is considered very dangerous.

Missing Child 2:

Jade Colvin disappeared in Des Moines, Iowa on June 10, 2016, when she was fourteen. She was last in contact with her family on March 23, 2017 and has not been seen or heard from since. At the time of her disappearance, she was 5ft 4in and 130lbs and her light brown hair may have been dyed another color and she may have had a lip piercing.

15 seconds of shame 2:

Franco Javier Maldonado is wanted for murder in connection with a drug smuggling operation in Austin, Texas in 2020. He has also had other run-ins with the law.

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