Library welcome event to help people manage their expenses and debts

Credit Counseling Society virtual presentation will showcase 75 ways to save on household expenses

Are your household expenses piling up, making it harder and harder to stay on top financially? You’re not alone.

As Canada’s inflation rate hits a 40-year high and the cost of groceries, transportation, mortgage rates and utilities rise, Canadians are looking for creative and effective ways to tighten the cords of their stock market and make their money grow. .

With these concerns in mind, the Orillia Public Library is pleased to present 75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses on Tuesday, October 25. 6 p.m. Special guest speaker Anita Moore, financial educator at the Credit Counseling Society, will join us on Zoom to present tips on how to save on a variety of household expenses, including utilities, transportation, groceries and personal items.

The Credit Counseling Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization that was established in 1996 to help people find solutions to their debt problems and learn how to better manage their money and credit. They serve Canadians in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in person, by phone and online.

Please visit the Orillia Public Library website to register to receive the Zoom link for this free program. Everyone is welcome.