Our debt to Queen Elizabeth

The entire Raindance community of film students, staff and filmmakers was deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen has demonstrated a tireless work ethic. She was patron of 600 charities – charities ranging from community service and social action to education and conservation. His work has raised almost £2billion for his charity work.

As a mother and parent, we were fascinated by how she navigated the trials and successes of her offspring, and marveled at her ability to carry on despite it all.

The Queen was also known for her wit and humour, and as recently in June she entertained Paddington the Bear at the start of the celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

As Mick Jagger and Elton John said so eloquently yesterday, the day after she died, she has been the one constant throughout our adult lives.

The cover image shows me shaking hands with HRH Queen Elizabeth II. It was an event at Windsor Castle just after the Grand Chapoel reopened after the horrific fire. Prince Philip was also present. George Lucas was the guest of honor. The Royal Household threw this dazzling evening to welcome Lucas with the express intention of convincing him to shoot Star Wars at Pinewood. Which of course he did.

The room was packed and I was a wall flower by the window when I saw the Prince walking slowly towards me. I stepped forward and broke royal protocol by trying to shake his hand. He asked me what I was doing, and I said film education. He nodded approvingly. Sharp as a knife, I thought. I asked him if he had seen a lot of movies, and he replied that he didn’t see as many as he wanted. at this point Kenneth Branagh started the ceremony and we turned to face the speakers. The Queen was honored with an honorary BAFTA.

I will never forget that handshake, nor my short conversation with the Prince. They both seemed genuinely interested in us. And both were warm and friendly. And it was one of the 160 events they organized that year! Really great. And inspiring.

As we enter a new era, let us remember that Queen Elizabeth II has been through a host of world and life changing events, both tragic and wonderful. Who could ever forget an octogenarian monarch parachuting into the Olympic Stadium?

God bless the queen. God save the king

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