Woman accuses S’pore debt collection service of harassment, debtor called for using fake account

Debtor uses fake account to accuse Singapore Debt Collection Service of ‘unlawful actions’

Debt collectors may get a bad rap for their bossy approach to their jobs, but there’s a reason for that.

Often they are hired by tired customers who have exhausted all other options.

That’s the explanation Debt Collection Services Singapore (SDCS) gave after allegations surfaced about their unsavory practices.

Source: Facebook

But in a turn of events, it appeared the allegations came from a debtor who was hiding behind a fake profile.

The lengthy Facebook post explaining the alleged sequence of events sparked suspicion as netizens called out the debtor for hiding behind a fictitious account.

Facebook User Shares Unpleasant Experience With Debt Collection Service

On Sunday July 24, a certain “Tabitha Lee Xiang” shared a post on Facebook detailing his experience with SDCS on several occasions.

You can read the long post herebut we will condense the story into points for easier consumption.

In the post, Tabitha claims SDCS made unconventional efforts to get her money back.

The actions they took, which she called “underhanded tactics,” would include:

  • Report to work three times
  • Threatened to visit her residence during Chinese New Year
  • Threatened to “take it out” on family members
  • Accessed his unit and knocked on the glass door to the living room to enter
  • Threatened to pick up his children from school and expose him in front of the school
  • Illegally entered his unit posing as delivery people

All while allegedly spitting swear words and being a nuisance to his family.

The last meeting, to which the last three points alluded, was said to have taken place on June 27. Tabitha attached photos and video footage of the incident as evidence.

Here’s a photo of the debt collectors hanging outside the glass door of his unit.

Source: Facebook

This pictures reportedly showed SDCS staff knocking on his front door. However, there is no timestamp and the sound seems muffled, which hardly supports his account.

Insisting that she “does not owe any individual or business entity any form of debt”, Tabitha claims she suffered financial loss as a result of the experience. His mental health was also affected.

Her domestic helper and reception staff have also reportedly indicated their desire to quit.

Netizens find loopholes in debtor’s story

Although these events seem quite terrible, there seem to be some flaws in the story.

Tabitha wrote that she had filed a police report on the aforementioned events. However, she claimed to have done so on December 18, 2022 – five whole months in the future.

Perhaps aware of how SDCS works, some netizens commented that they wouldn’t search for her if she didn’t have debts to pay.

Source: Facebook

Another major point of contention was the identity of Tabitha herself. Noting that she only has eight friends and her account has only been active since July 13, some Facebook users have speculated that her account may be fake.

A quick reverse search on Google Image shows that the account profile picture is from another person.

Source: Unilever Careers on Facebook

According to this Facebook postthe exact image is of Ms. Wu MengYu, who has appeared in some marketing materials for Unilever Careers.

Another video Tabitha shared showed her confronting SDCS staff after police arrived.

In the clip, a man’s voice is heard addressing them.

SDCS challenges the debtor for using a fake account

On Monday, an SDCS member posted his side of the story on Facebook. In the post, he reveals more information about the case, clarifying specific points in the story.

Source: Facebook

According to him, SDCS knows the true identity of the debtor and confirms that the “Tabitha Lee Xiang” account is fake.

He further explains that the debtor, who bears the initials “HYL”, is a fund manager in charge of his client’s cryptocurrency portfolio worth approximately S$2.7 million (S$2 million). U.S. dollars).

Unfortunately, HYL had claimed that his account had been hacked, thereby wiping out all of the client’s assets.

Unable to obtain a full explanation through legal means, the client engaged SDCS to locate the alleged debtor. changed address just to escape them.

When SDCS managed to locate him, they claimed to have informed the police of their plan of action. They also advised the security guards at the residence that they were there “to serve notice”.

Perhaps wanting to close this deal once and for all, the SDCS member urged the debtor to arrange a meeting with them to settle things.

He also took the opportunity to clarify that as a licensed agency, they exercise their functions in a professional and legal manner.

Rather than tormenting debtors, SDCS discusses with them the best way to settle their debts in a way they can afford.

Accusing them of “harassment” and “illegal acts” is therefore irrelevant.

I hope the debtor behind a fake account will be clear

Known for its relentless approach to debt collection, one can understand why SDCS can intimidate debtors.

However, they do not act without reason for intervention, which calls into question the post arsonist of the PO.

If the OP is indeed the debtor hiding behind a fake account, we hope that he will soon decide to cooperate with SDCS, to end the game of cat and mouse.

More importantly, we hope that the people to whom the debtor owes money will receive some form of compensation.

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